Fine Aleppo dining in a Damascene jewel box

An exquisite Aleppo cuisine showcasing the finest fresh regional goods. Starting from the mazza, the 10 different kinds of kebbe to the appetizing mouth-melting kebab. The blend of aromas and the rich taste of the delicious preparations are nothing short of art, just as the Damascene jewel box setting of our restaurant located in the old city of Damascus.

A Cuisine worth sharing

Once upon a time a legendary cook from Aleppo called Em Abdo decides to visit her relatives in the city of Damascus. During that visit, she fell in love with the old city, the warm welcomes, it’s music & art but as a gourmand, the food had to have the greatest impact. It struck her that few have ever enjoyed something from the culinary capital Aleppo for the same reason that was it not for her visit she would’ve never had such an amazing Damascene food experience. And so, Today, from the old city of Damascus, Em Abdo proudly serves the finest Aleppo dishes in the city allowing gourmands a full Aleppo cuisine experience without having to leave your hometown.